Governor Rick Scott, a Socialist contributes $840,000 to Needy Fortune 500 Company!

And Republican’s keep saying they are not socialist!  Bull!

St Pete Times 12/1/11 states “$1M dangled as a lure” “The tax incentives for a Fortune 500 company”.

That is $840,000 from the state of Florida, $105,000 each from the city of St. Petersburg and $105,000 from Pinellas County to help a poor Fortune 500 company grow their business in St. Petersburg!

Before this “welfare” payment is agreed to I certainly hope Governor Scott makes them pay for their CEO and Board of Directors and all stockholders to pee in the cup to assure us that they are not drug users.  I am told we do that in Florida before making welfare payments.

Sure looks like Governor Scott and St. Petersburg Mayor Foster and the Pinellas County Commission are playing the opposite of Robin Hood by stealing $1,000,000 from the middle class to give to a 1% Fortune 500 company that will likely give its CEO the $1,000,000 plus as a “performance bonus”!  And the $1,000,000 that we the 99% paid into the state, city and county through our sales taxes and property taxes will not be available to help the citizens of Pinellas county to pay for city, county and state services or teachers, police or fire personnel.

I am among the 99% that believe that these “socialist deals” are pitting one class (the super rich) against the rest of us.  After 30 years of this kind of “socialism” it is time for a change.


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