Steve Bousquet column December 6th “Taking Scott at his word on education” in St. Pete Times

Dear Steve Bousquet:

Thank you for your article regarding education and Rick Scott.  Your title was very interesting, “Taking Scott at his word on education”.

If you are correct that he will restore the dollars stolen from the education I fear the dollars will all go to the Koch, Bush and Scott supported virtual education scams being ushered through the greedy Republican dominated states.

While digital classes via the internet should play a part in the educating our youth I do not believe they should replace brick and mortar schools and the advantages these schools offer our children.

An article in The Nation, December 5th issue, titled “Selling Schools Out, the Scam of Virtual Education Reform” by Lee Fang points out it is “Good for business: Kids Not So Much”.  It is a long article and I would love to have Politifact check it out.

It reads like a Who’s Who for drawing more taxpayers dollars into the pockets of the 1% crowd at the expense of the 99% and their children and grandchildren.  Some of the names:  Jeb Bush and his “Foundation for Excellence in Education; Patricia Levesque, a former top adviser to Jeb now running Meridian Strategies, LLC; the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation; the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation; Foundation for Florida’s Future (another J Bush); Jonathan Hage, CEO of Charter Schools USA; Carlos Watson of Goldman Sachs specializing in for profit education; ABS Capital, a private equity firm; School Choice Week with help from the Koch Brothers’ Americans for Prosperity; Karl Rove’s American Crossroads; Kaplan Education; Learn Capital, an education-tech venture capital company; K12 Inc. alone spent nearly $500,000 in state level direct contributions; Voyager Learning; Cambium Learning;; The International Association for Online Learning; EdisonLearning; Connections Academy; American Virtual Academy; Apex Learning; The American Legislative Exchange Council; State Policy Network; ALEC; and the big profit companies of Dell and Microsoft are right there to capitalize on software and hardware opportunities churned in part by the Dell and Gates foundations.  Just reading this report made me want to keep an eye on my wallet. It may even be possible that Florida teachers retirement funds may be directed to fund these businesses, I hope not.

There is a Trillion dollars in primary education and the Republican’s are the tool to get a big slice of this into private businesses.

In summary, Steve, I would not take Scott at his word. I learned that with his lack of focus on jobs once he was on the job.

Please continue to help us learn about what we need to know to make America great again.  I do not want to see us come down to China’s societal level.  I want every country to be chasing us to catch up.

And as an FYI, I will put this letter on my blog at


Stephen Collins
Safety Harbor, FL 34695

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