Candidates for Mayor of Safety Harbor and $10.10 per hour

On January 31st I set out to ask Nancy Besore, Joe Ayoub and Andy Steingold the following questions:

“What do you think of being sure every Safety Harbor employee makes at least $10.10 per hour? What do you think of requiring every contractor to at least pay their employees $10.10 per hour if they work for Safety Harbor? I am asking everyone that is running to answer these important questions that should have been asked at the meeting. Thanks, Stephen”

I found all three candidates on Facebook and Nancy Besore was already a FB friend.  On Saturday February 1st Joe Ayoub accepted me on FB and I immediately asked him the two questions above.

I did not hear from Andy Steingold either on FB or off FB.  He did not answer my friend request.  We have 19 mutual friends and I asked anyone that knows Andy to please ask him to accept my friend request.  The 19 friends were invited to ask him to respond in mt FB post of January 31st. -Nothing!

So here are the  results:  In scorecard format Besore 1, Ayoub 0 and Steingold 0

Why?  Nancy Besore answered the questions within 24 hours with “Sounds solid to me!”; Joe Ayoub never answered the questions and Andy Steingold avoided even hearing the questions.

Most interesting is the fact I asked Matt Spoor the City Manager how many city employees make less than $10.10 per hour and there are only six part-time employees with two at $7.93 and four at $8.81 per hour.

Both Joe and Andy have played with a lot of numbers to attack each other with but neither would make a statement regarding a basic wage floor.  Nancy Besore was willing to state her point of view.  I think I will vote for her.

Stephen J Collins
Safety Harbor Resident since 2002


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