Steve Bousquet column December 6th “Taking Scott at his word on education” in St. Pete Times

Dear Steve Bousquet:

Thank you for your article regarding education and Rick Scott.  Your title was very interesting, “Taking Scott at his word on education”.

If you are correct that he will restore the dollars stolen from the education I fear the dollars will all go to the Koch, Bush and Scott supported virtual education scams being ushered through the greedy Republican dominated states.

While digital classes via the internet should play a part in the educating our youth I do not believe they should replace brick and mortar schools and the advantages these schools offer our children.

An article in The Nation, December 5th issue, titled “Selling Schools Out, the Scam of Virtual Education Reform” by Lee Fang points out it is “Good for business: Kids Not So Much”.  It is a long article and I would love to have Politifact check it out.

It reads like a Who’s Who for drawing more taxpayers dollars into the pockets of the 1% crowd at the expense of the 99% and their children and grandchildren.  Some of the names:  Jeb Bush and his “Foundation for Excellence in Education; Patricia Levesque, a former top adviser to Jeb now running Meridian Strategies, LLC; the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation; the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation; Foundation for Florida’s Future (another J Bush); Jonathan Hage, CEO of Charter Schools USA; Carlos Watson of Goldman Sachs specializing in for profit education; ABS Capital, a private equity firm; School Choice Week with help from the Koch Brothers’ Americans for Prosperity; Karl Rove’s American Crossroads; Kaplan Education; Learn Capital, an education-tech venture capital company; K12 Inc. alone spent nearly $500,000 in state level direct contributions; Voyager Learning; Cambium Learning;; The International Association for Online Learning; EdisonLearning; Connections Academy; American Virtual Academy; Apex Learning; The American Legislative Exchange Council; State Policy Network; ALEC; and the big profit companies of Dell and Microsoft are right there to capitalize on software and hardware opportunities churned in part by the Dell and Gates foundations.  Just reading this report made me want to keep an eye on my wallet. It may even be possible that Florida teachers retirement funds may be directed to fund these businesses, I hope not.

There is a Trillion dollars in primary education and the Republican’s are the tool to get a big slice of this into private businesses.

In summary, Steve, I would not take Scott at his word. I learned that with his lack of focus on jobs once he was on the job.

Please continue to help us learn about what we need to know to make America great again.  I do not want to see us come down to China’s societal level.  I want every country to be chasing us to catch up.

And as an FYI, I will put this letter on my blog at


Stephen Collins
Safety Harbor, FL 34695

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Republican Rules!#?

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Governor Rick Scott, a Socialist contributes $840,000 to Needy Fortune 500 Company!

And Republican’s keep saying they are not socialist!  Bull!

St Pete Times 12/1/11 states “$1M dangled as a lure” “The tax incentives for a Fortune 500 company”.

That is $840,000 from the state of Florida, $105,000 each from the city of St. Petersburg and $105,000 from Pinellas County to help a poor Fortune 500 company grow their business in St. Petersburg!

Before this “welfare” payment is agreed to I certainly hope Governor Scott makes them pay for their CEO and Board of Directors and all stockholders to pee in the cup to assure us that they are not drug users.  I am told we do that in Florida before making welfare payments.

Sure looks like Governor Scott and St. Petersburg Mayor Foster and the Pinellas County Commission are playing the opposite of Robin Hood by stealing $1,000,000 from the middle class to give to a 1% Fortune 500 company that will likely give its CEO the $1,000,000 plus as a “performance bonus”!  And the $1,000,000 that we the 99% paid into the state, city and county through our sales taxes and property taxes will not be available to help the citizens of Pinellas county to pay for city, county and state services or teachers, police or fire personnel.

I am among the 99% that believe that these “socialist deals” are pitting one class (the super rich) against the rest of us.  After 30 years of this kind of “socialism” it is time for a change.


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Republicans have killed the “Job Creators”

No joke – the Republican party has killed the job creators! There will be no more job creators until taxes are increased on the super rich.

Finally the puzzle has an answer.  For thirty years the GOP (Group of Puppets) have reduced taxes whenever possible.  They also fostered support for two wars that were totally unfunded by tax revenue and purchased votes with unfunded medicare giveaways to insurance companies for medicare advantage plans and pharmaceutical companies with the prescription plan.

The result of these actions are the super rich have had their taxes greatly reduced and the government has a huge deficit it must finance.

In 1982 the top income tax rate was 50%.  In 1991, the capital gains tax rate was 28%.  These rates worked for all of America.

The rich were willing to “risk” their capital on new ventures here in the United States at the 50% and 28% rates because the government was a bigger “partner” since expenses and losses would reduce their taxes by 50 cents for every dollar in an “at risk” venture.  Now the government “partner” only reduces their taxes by 35 cents for every dollar of expense.  The super rich are no longer interested in these odds – especially now that they can just manipulate select stocks for profit and pay a 15% tax.

For the gamblers, the capital gains tax rate in 2010 was 15%, almost half of the 1991 rate.  I say gamblers because stock is only sold once by a company (to create jobs) and most of the income from capital gains comes from “trading” existing stock as the market price fluctuates.  The rich could keep 72% of their long term winners in 1991 and in 2010 keep 85% of their winnings.

The result of the Republican tax cuts made capital gain gambling much more attractive while making “at risk”, “job creating” much more expensive.

Until we return to the 50% tax rate and the 28% capital gains tax rate there will be no interest in “job creating” by the super rich. And the super rich have proven this theory to be quite true over the last decade.

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From The Nation: The 99 Percent Rise Up by John Nichols

How did Occupy Wall Street suddenly become Occupy Los Angeles? Occupy Cleveland? Occupy Janesville? Occupy Pocatello? How did a sleep-in beneath the skyscrapers of Lower Manhattan inspire kayakers clad as Robin Hood to paddle up the Chicago River under a banner reading, Wall St. Takes From the 99%. Gives to the Rich? And how did those giant cutouts of JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon end up dancing with all those San Franciscans chanting, “Make banks pay”? Despite what Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain suggests, it was not some “orchestrated” attempt to deflect blame from the flawed policies of the Obama administration. It was not the media looking for a “left-wing Tea Party.” And it certainly was not a poll-tested, focus-grouped PR campaign that billionaire-funded front groups employ to gin up movements.
>>

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Who Increased the Debt?

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New Yard Sign – Make Wall Street Listen

Put this sign in your front yard for traffic to see:

Make Wall Street Listen

Close Your Bank of America

Accounts Today________

Put Your Accounts in a

Local Credit Union today.

Achieva C.U. worked for me

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New Yard Sign – Koch’s Republican Robot’s

Put this sign up in your front yard for traffic to see:

Koch’s Republican Robots

House Of “Representatives”

On July 19th Voted For and Passed Laws to:

Increase Medicare Costs After 10 years

by $2,500 per Person and

Cut Payments to Social Security

Thank God the U.S. Senate Democrats voted it Down!

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Why do Republicans hate Social Security? Written by Bernie Sanders for all of US

Republicans hate Social Security because it has been an extraordinary success and has done exactly what it was designed to do. It is the most successful government program in our nation’s history and is enormously popular.

When Social Security was developed, 50 percent of seniors lived in poverty. Today, that number is 10 percent — still too high, but a testament to the success of Social Security.

Republicans have spent years demonizing Social Security and spreading lies about its sustainability. They want to scare Americans and build support for making drastic cuts to the program or privatizing it entirely. Their long-term goal is to end Social Security as we know it, and convert it into a private account system which will enable Wall Street to make hundreds of billions in profits.

The truth is that, today, according to the Social Security Administration, Social Security has a $2.7 trillion surplus and can pay out every benefit owed to every eligible American for the next 25 years.

Further, because it is funded by the payroll tax and not the U.S. Treasury, Social Security has not contributed one nickel to our deficit.

Now — in a prolonged recession that has decimated the poor and middle class and pushed more Americans into poverty than at any point in modern history — we need to strengthen Social Security. That’s why I, along with nine co-sponsors, have introduced the “Keeping Our Social Security Promises Act.” This legislation would lift the Social Security Payroll tax cap on all income over $250,000 a year, would require millionaires and billionaires to pay their fair share into the Social Security Trust Fund, and would extend the program for the next 75 years.

Join me now as a citizen co-sponsor of the Keeping Our Social Security Promises Act.

For 76 years, through good times and bad, Social Security has paid out every benefit owed to every eligible American. The most effective way to strengthen Social Security for the next 76 years is to scrap the payroll tax cap for those earning $250,000 a year or more.

Right now, someone who earns $106,800 pays the same amount of money into Social Security as billionaires like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. That is because today, all income above $106,800 is exempt from the Social Security tax. As a result, 94% of Americans pay Social Security tax on all of their income, but the wealthiest 6% do not.

That makes no sense.

The “Keeping Our Social Security Promises Act” will ensure the long-term solvency of Social Security without cutting benefits, raising the retirement age or raising taxes on the middle class.

Join me and Democracy for America in fighting to strengthen Social Security — Sign on as a citizen co-sponsor of the Keeping Our Social Security Promises Act.

Social Security is keeping tens of millions of seniors out of poverty today. I can think of no more important issue facing our country today than making sure that Social Security remains strong for generations to come.

Thank you.


Senator Bernie Sanders
U.S. Senator from Vermont

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Send this letter to

Mr. President, thank you.  I have told you many times that I have been upset with you.  Now I must tell you I am delighted that you are out talking to the people to gather the support for the many programs necessary to bring us back to greatness.

It is time to call the Congress out for being the do nothing Congress.  Worse yet, the few things they have done have been destructive.

I support your efforts to pass the American Jobs Act.  I support your efforts to send to jail all the fraudulent individuals and somehow punishing the companies that built the housing bubble on lies.  I support your efforts to make a correction to the mortgages held by the middle and lower class by reducing the interest rates on their loans for the loan backed by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac.  I also would like to see all mortgage loans held by the banks and Wall Street revalued to a fair market value so we can start the healing in our housing market.

I know you inherited an economy heading into a depression.  I know you need a supportive Congress to really make a difference.  I will work with you as I can to assure your success because I believe you are best suited to lead our country for the next four years.

I thank you for your hard work.

Sincerely Yours,

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