We are the Government

This is my latest yard sign.  Some people will be pleased that it is bipartisan.

  • One in Six Americans live in Poverty
  • 86 Million People are not Working
  • Median Annual Income now less than it was in 1973
  • It is not the Republicans fault
  • It is not the Democrats fault
  • It is not Obama’s fault
  • It is Our Fault “We are the Government”
  • Do something!

Personally, I find it disappointing because we have been much better than we now are.

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CNN Republican Presidential “Debate”

I am trying to watch the “Tea Party” roast of “Obama Does Care” and the usual debate questions and theories regarding getting control of the debt, never raising taxes, reducing and eliminating education and otherwise curing our world of all known and perceived ills, past, present and future.

If we just eliminate the federal government, the states know exactly what to do and how to do it.  People need to take responsibility for themselves!  Companies can run just fine by themselves!  States can handle education.  Insurance companies and healthcare companies will work together to provide insurance that is cost effective and meaningful.  And the list goes on.  Let’s recreate the “Roaring 20’s”.

All the debates seem to miss the tough question.  Jobs will not “just start to appear” because more money is available and there is less regulation.  Where is the question regarding getting the free market financial house in order?  The financial house that still is very overvalued with mortgages that greatly exceed the worth of the property the mortgage is held for.  Until someone has the answer for this one we will struggle for more than a decade with a recession or worse a great depression.

When will someone admit the elephant in the room is that most of our banking/mortgage industry should file for bankruptcy and adjust to an asset balance that is true today.  Perhaps Bank of America should be nationalized, repackaged and sold in parts.  It is time for the stockholders and senior management to pay the price for their transgressions.  It should provide for mortgage write downs to today’s values and a four percent interest rate for the consumers with a share of any future profit from a sale going to repay for today’s write down.  Only then will we see growth again.

It is time to be honest and deal with the stupid lies permitted by lack of regulation during the Reagan, Clinton and Bush era.  America needs to grow up.



I fear seeing a Republican President in 2012.  The answers they have are worse than the “do nothing” we have  now.

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Heritage Foundation lies?

We just had a full page ad in the St. Pete Times from the Heritage Foundation, Saving the Dream .Org and it is enough to make me sick.  They position their goals are to “fix the debt”, “cut spending” and “restore prosperity”.

This is an organization founded by the MolsonMillersCoors Beer people that paid no federal taxes in 2009;  the Bank of New York Mellon that paid no federal taxes in 2010 and other founders included:  South Korean National Assembly donated $2.2 million; Samsung donated $400,000 and Korea Foundation donated $1.0 million.

Other noted supporters include:  Boeing, LoookheedMartin, Allstate, Mortgage Insurance Companies of America, American International Group (AIG), Honda, PhilipMorris Tobacco, ChevronTexaco, ExxonMobil, Microsoft, UPS, and the Healthcare Group” of Johnson & Johnson, GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis, BristolMyersSquibb, Pfizer and PhRMA.

Somehow I find it hard to believe this group has the interest of all the people that make less than $1,000,000 per year in their sites.

Their goal is to eliminate all taxation for their businesses and their care taking CEO’s at the cost of the middle class.  They are the “socialist” kingpins only interested in self preservation.

It is time for the middle class to wake up and stand up.  We need to vote for Democrats and then we need to hold them accountable.

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Republican Presidential Debate on NBC today

What a time to start my blog.

How can Republicans believe these ideas will work?  Why do the moderators not ask real questions?

We all know that every Republican believes the free market will work for health insurance.  Why has it not worked in the past and what will they do differently to get fair insurance at a fair price for everybody?  I believe the insurance industry needs to be regulated.  If left to the market insurance companies will insure the 80% of the people who are lower risk and make the price prohibitive for the 20% of people that might cost them some of their profit.  So taxpayers will pay the cost for the uninsured.  What is the answer, these Republican’s have no answer.

Where are the jobs?  All the candidates are blaming Obama for the high unemployment.  We have had a Republican House of Representatives since January under John Boehner.  Where are the massive bills for jobs from the current Republicans?  All I see is obstructionist movements and a major focus on controlling every woman’s body.  We have a Republican minority in the US Senate that has so abused the filibuster rule since Obama became President, lead by Mitch McConnell that nothing is being done in the Senate to pass massive jobs bills.   Not that they have any ideas other than to eliminate more taxes on companies sitting on trillions of dollars already.  It has never trickled down and never will.

Overall I see every Republican focused on eliminating taxes on the people that can most afford to pay taxes.  There is no compassion for the 16 million people without jobs at all.  They are sure if we eliminate the “entitlements” as they call them and eliminate the minimum wage that someone will surely offer all a job even if it is pushing a broom in 110 degree heat for 25 cents an hour!  And if they refuse that job let them rot in the street as it is their own damn fault.

And everyone will be allover Rick Perry about Social Security being a big “ponzi” scheme.  But he is no different than the others.  Every single one of them is under orders to destroy Social Security so the trillions of dollars that are now there can be added to the stock market so the super rich can manipulate the market to assure many the opportunity to buy high and sell low.

So let it be written.



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