About NoLongerSilentMajority.us

This site is owned by Stephen Collins of Safety Harbor, Florida.

I am a former Democrat turned Republican and turned back to Democrat again.

I am a former member of a meat cutters union, a former soldier who fought in Vietnam, a father of two, grandfather of two,  earned a Bachelor’s degree with a dual major of Accounting and Economics using the GI Bill.

My work history includes grocery and produce clerk, selling for NCR, various accounting positions including Internal Audit Manager and Director of Finance and Administration, moving into National Operations Director and various Controller positions for a construction company and new home builder.  I have since graduated to remodeling homes for profit and now have settled into recruiting and running job boards.

This site is political.  I will do everything I can to convince everyone that voting for Democrats is the very best one thing you can do for America right now.

Obama has not done everything right, but Obama gets it and Obama cares about the future of the United States of America.  Obama has the vision that includes all of us as equal citizens of these United States.  And Obama has a vision that includes jobs for all at a real living wage.  Obama needs our support and we need to deliver a very Democratic House of Representatives and U.S. Senate.

I am sad to report that I do not see any leaders within the Republican Party (GOP) that have a vision that includes a majority of our citizens.

It is time to Blog………….

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